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More than 50% of people aren’t satisfied with their current IBS approach, including people taking natural remedies, probiotics, fiber supplements, and medications. Nerva is here to help.

How does Nerva work?

Nerva uses evidence-based hypnotherapy techniques, delivered via an app, to help you learn automatic skills that can help 'fix' the miscommunication between your gut and brain.

The program was designed by Dr Simone Peters, who ran a clinical trial with Monash University that found her approach worked just as well as the Low FODMAP diet in helping you live well with IBS.

Psychophysiologist & Gut-Directed Hypnotherapist Monash University.

Dr. Simone Peters

“This app is worth its weight in gold.” 

We’ve helped thousands of people like you learn to manage their IBS

Jamie P.

“I have struggled with IBS most of my life, I wish I had found this approach years ago! This app is worth its weight in gold. I am shocked and amazed at how well this worked so quickly! Feel like a giant burden has been lifted from my life.”

United States

December 2, 2021

4.6/5 (9,300+ Reviews)

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Fix the
between your 
gut and brain

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Based on the latest IBS research, Nerva can help you manage your IBS symptoms and feel better with a science-backed digital program.

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Tood S.

“I love the simplicity of the layout and also the weekly readings- I’m learning so much more about my IBS and how the brain affects the gut. Can’t wait to finish the program and be able to live my life again!”


August 5, 2022

Sandra B.

“I was skeptical at first but decided to give the app a try because it seems that I tried pretty much everything else, and I must say it made a big difference for me.”


February 23, 2022


Nerva's scientific advisory board

Clinical psychologist recognized for therapeutic applications of hypnosis.

Dr. Michael Yapko

Dr. Gary Elkins

Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University.

Dr. Irving Kirsch

Associate Director and Lecturer in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Nerva can help you self-manage IBS long term

Learn techniques that can help you get your IBS under control with our structured gut-directed hypnotherapy program.

First 6 weeks of Nerva

After 6 weeks

Maintain and improve your results long-term with customizable IBS support and flare-up management.

Hypnotherapy targets the source of the problem: oversensitive nerves in the gut.

Why try hypnotherapy for IBS?

Hypnotherapy teaches you how to address this miscommunication between the gut and brain.

Studies* have shown hypnotherapy provides long-lasting IBS management.

*Check out some recent studies about gut-directed hypnotherapy here and here.

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*Peters, S., Gibson, P., & Halmos, E. (2021). 654 MOBILE APP-DELIVERED GUT-DIRECTED HYPNOTHERAPY SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVES SYMPTOMS OF IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. IS THIS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE?. Gastroenterology, 160(6), S-128. doi: 10.1016/s0016-5085(21)01058-1

~9 out of 10 Nerva users report improved IBS management
after completing six weeks of the program*

Clinically-backed program

Based on studies that helped 3 in 4 people improve their IBS symptoms.

The program:

15 minutes a day for 6 weeks.
Short and relaxing sessions that fit with your schedule.

Daily audio sessions

Flare-up tool kit when needed

Discover helpful and calming flare-up exercises, like our deep breathing techniques.

Easy access,
easy to use.

Listen anytime and anywhere (home, office, couch, you name it).

Say bye to bots. We have real Nerva team members ready to help!

Learn about IBS with a range of easy to understand in-app articles.

Daily insights & tools from IBS experts

Real person customer support

Hypnosis involves entering a state of absorbed attention where you become hyper-focused on specific stimuli (such as a feeling or a memory) led by suggestions from a hypnotherapist.

During hypnosis, suggestions bypass the critical mind allowing you to subconsciously 'fix' the miscommunication between your gut and brain (how your brain and gut send and receive nerve impulses). These suggestions teach you automatic skills that can help you self-manage IBS symptoms.

How does hypnotherapy really work?

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Disclaimer: Nerva is a self-management & well-being tool for diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and is not intended as a treatment for IBS and does not replace care by your provider and IBS treatments you may be using. You should continue to take your medications as directed by your healthcare provider. If you have any feelings or thoughts of harming yourself or others, please dial 911 (or local equivalent) or go to the nearest emergency room.

~9 out of 10 Nerva users report improved IBS management
after completing six weeks of the program*

More than 50% of people aren’t satisfied with their current IBS approach, including people taking natural remedies, probiotics, fiber supplements, and medications.
Nerva is here to help.